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Some jewellery are oxidised in order to give it a blackened finish. As this is a surface covering it will wear over time and the metal beneath the surface will show through. This is an intentional element of the design, but if you would like your jewellery to be re-oxidised (this is applicable only for metal jewellery), we can do so at the cost of buyer’s shipping expenses.


When ordering rings online it is the buyer’s responsibility to ensure they have ordered the correct size. If the ring is suitable for re-sizing, we will happily re-size but please note that a charge may occur.


Galeri santim recommends the following care instructions to ensure a long life for your jewellery.

Store each piece of jewellery separately in a dry environment using a cloth pouch, or compartmented jewellery case.To avoid any distortion, do not hang your necklaces but rather store horizontally.

To protect colour and form, keep your jewellery away from direct light and high heat. If your jewellery contains pearls, store in a ventilated environment. Do not wear jewellery while swimming or showering and remove while doing household tasks. Avoid allowing jewellery to come into contact with nail varnish remover, perfume and hair care products. Chlorine, detergents & oils can also cause tarnishing.

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