e-Hediye Kartı

₺100 - ₺2.000
- Hediye tutarınızı seçin.
- Mesajınızı yazın.
- Hediye kartınızı e-mail olarak yollayalım.

- Choose your gift amount.
- Write your message.
- We will e-mail your gift card.

Detailed information about purchasing a Galeri Santim Gift Card

  • Choose your gift amount (you can choose more than one gift card)

  • Enter the details of the person to whom you will send the gift card.

  • Select the delivery date.

  • If you have a special message, add it.

  • We will e-mail your gift card and Gift Card Code to your recipient. 

  • Gift cards are non-cancellable/refundable.

If you are a recipient of a Galeri Santim Gift Card

When shopping with a gift card, you will be asked for your "Gift Card Code" after the "Checkout" step.

After entering your code, the total of your order will be deducted from the value of the gift card.

For any questions about Galeri Santim Gift Cards, you can send an e-mail to info@galerisantim.com