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Famira Frauke

Frauke Famira is a german graphic designer and jewellery maker.
After studying graphic design in Hamburg, she moved to Paris where, after following painting and drawing classes at École des Beaux-Arts and Accadémie de la Grande-Chaumière she worked for magazines such as Décoration Internationale and Vogue and later designed books for lifestyle and art publishers.
During her numerous strolls through Parisian marché aux puces she loved to look at the multitude of exhibited objects, each piece being a testimony of an era, a way of life and style, and she developed a taste for “early plastic“ objects and fashion jewellery.

Being enchanted by the originality of these pieces she started to experiment with the materials she found.
At her return to Germany she decided to make jewellery entirely.
In addition to flea market finds she now works mostly with recycled resin and acetates.
Frauke Famira also likes to experiment with paper and most of her formal ideas are developed in paper.
All of Famira`s acetate work is individually and exclusively manufactured in France.

Crest Bilezik-2-13-Famira Frauke-Galeri Santim.jpg
Crest Bilezik-3-1-Famira Frauke-Galeri Santim.jpg
Crest Bilezik-1-1-Famira Frauke-Galeri Santim.jpg

Material: Acetate
Size: 9cm x 9.5cm x 10cm

Designer: Famira Frauke

Artist Statement

In my jewellery work I strive to combine the idea of attractive and joyful fashion accessories with geometry and conceptual thinking. Geometric shapes are the basis of my work.

I am enchanted by the clarity and the inner logic that lie in a simple square or circle. It impresses me that these forms and functions are “timeless“ and that they are impersonal.

I am aware that they belong to the heart of our universal order. When I experiment with one of these basic elements and discover a new form hidden in it

I have the impression that I rediscovered a tiny part of this creative and universal logic and it makes me happy.

The multitude of variations astounds me and I love the aesthetic simplicity of these forms.

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