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Joana Pires


Joana Pires is a self-taught jewellery designer who uses mixed media to create her pieces.

Brazilian, based in London, UK, Joana graduated in both Drama and Cinema. She spent over 12 years as an actress and producer before founding Pinah and becoming a full-time maker.

Her work is experimental, and her final pieces are raw, playful and wearable.

Through her pieces, Joana wants to explore the possibilities of what a piece of jewellery can be and what story it can tell.

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Created by Joana Pires, Pinah was born of her passion for jewellery, shapes and forms, but especially from her curiosity about making wearable objects.

With a background in theatre, Joana constantly reimagines the world around her, which translates into her pieces that she calls 'experiments to wear'.

For her, creating a piece of jewellery always starts with an idea and a meaning, with the thought of what she wants to say with it. Then, after a concept is established, she begins experimenting with the best way of transforming her idea into necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings.

Using different materials is a crucial part of the process. Silver, gold, iron, stainless steel, paper, cardboard, leather, resin, clay, found objects... Anything goes.

From start to finish, all her pieces are handmade through a fluid, intuitive and offbeat approach to making jewellery; her final pieces are raw, playful and, most importantly, experimental and wearable.

This process became the signature of Pinah jewellery, with no two pieces ever being the same, making each and every creation truly unique.

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