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Born in Istanbul, She graduated from Istanbul Technical University, Mathematical Engineering Faculty.

In 2002 she attended a series of courses on glass bead making in Beykoz Glass Furnace Foundation- Glass Art School. This marked the beginning of her choosing jewellery design as a creative field of work.

She participated in studio workshops from various jewellery artists in order to learn and practice different metal working methods by using classical jewellery techniques.

In 2008, she attended a specific 15-day training on usage of different materials in jewellery making, in Alchimia Contemporary Jewelry School in Florence, Italy.

In May 2011, she held her first exhibition , “Inception” , in her own studio.

She is continuing her jewellery art journey in her studio founded in 2008.

“Maybe I can describe my work as poetic interpretations of the reflected pieces from my inside world to outside. I like to use colors, different textures and to make new discoveries with these. Making jewellery is a journey for me... to an exotic place full of colors and variety and still not discovered...and this journey continues...”

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