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Sinem Yıldırım

After graduating from Gazi University, Faculty of Architecture, she started Istanbul Bilgi University Architectural Design Master's Program in 2011. Between 2013 and 2014, she received training in the "Shoe and Accessory Design Program" carried out in cooperation with the Istanbul Fashion Academy - University of the Arts London. In 2017, she was awarded the Athens Jewelry Week AJW Award. He still continues to design in Studio Zigzag, which he founded with Didem Yıldırım.

‘’For me contemporary jewelry is the way to express myself, more than an adornment  and not separated from contemporary art.

I create by taking inspiration from the culturel texture and the geography I live in. I experience the materials and production techniques by blending the contrasts.’’


When I started to search the origin of the handicrafts, I found  that Kanavice (a kind of embroidery) points out a very significant gender inequality (problem) 

As a woman, I reinterpret the Kanavice Embroidery & stylized flowers (as a part of nature) and tell my story by using the transformed Kanavice Flowers made of recycled plastics. 

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